The Commercial Director

What Stefan Keller values about DMK’s company culture is working as a team of equals.

“In the morning, when I look at my busy workday ahead, I see much more than a list of meetings, work calls and daily goals. It’s all part of a larger framework of meaningful exchange with my colleagues who I’ve been working with and relying on 100 percent for the past 14 years at DMK.

In the Private Label Business Unit, we support discounters and supermarkets who are establishing themselves with the DMK Group’s products and concepts. The Commercial unit is part of that, and it handles all the essential commercial tasks, from marketing to developing the product and packaging, sales, retail sales management and contract manufacturing. My team and I are united not only by our knowledge, but also our sense of fun and the desire to succeed, a and that’s all the more important during the pandemic. That helps us think creatively, for example when we look at market and customer issues together: What are the latest nutritional and social trends? How should we interpret the latest market research? What does it mean for our customers? How could some of our concepts look? Thanks to our experience, we have a good view of all the market dynamics. We also hold workshops in our unit to develop target-oriented strategies, in close cooperation with our customers.

“It’s not only our knowledge that unites my team and I, we also share a sense of fun and the drive to succeed.”

Stefan Keller, Commercial Director, Business Unit Private Label

But whether it’s customers or employees, it always matters to me that we have an exchange of views as equals and I’d like to see managers setting the best example of that. I’m hugely motivated by how positively the Private Label Business Unit and its Commercial branch are developing. I see the area as a stable and successful pillar for the whole DMK Group.”

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